Colt McLauchlin – Redneck Money

Country & Folk

Well It Come from the boondocks
Tiny little map dots
Single flashing one light towns
Where the folks are real
cnd a handshake deal
Can still be counted on
Cattle in the Pasture
Livin off of last years
Record breakin bumper crop
c little left in the bank
Put some gas in tank
N Head down to the ole dew drop

Ooooooo Redneck Money
Make you feel like a millionaire
Out here in the Country
We’re livin’ our lives
Lovin’ our home’s
Got everything we need and
Nothing that we don’t
Ooooooo Redneck money

My cousin Jimmy
Lives up in the city
In a high rise above the clouds
Got a starched white collar
Chasing every dollar
Even when the sun goes down
clways in a hurry
Everyday another worry
That the stock market’s in decline
Got a million in the bank
But it don’t mean a thing
Cause he ain’t got peace of mind

Ooooooo Redneck Money
Buys some down home, unwind time out here in the country
No 9-5, no suit and tie,
Go to work every day
In your 4 wheel drive
Ooooooo Redneck money

We’re your
Truck drivin,
Coal mining,
Bull riding,
Wrench turning,
Beer drinking buddies,
But when the bills get paid
Were always gonna save
c little something
For the plate
On Sunday……….

Ooooooo Redenck Money
Made by the hardworking
Hands who build this country
4th generation proud of our roots
Wear’n Greasy old caps and worn out boots
Ooooooo Redneck Money

Makes a dream come true
For me and you out in the country
Take’s a kid off the farm
Where the corn rows grow
To #1 spot on your radio
Ooooooo Redneck Money
Ooooooo Redneck Money