Crystal Viper – When The Sun Goes Down

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Crimson shade covers the ground
Time to take off golden crown
Gone another day
Fiery eyes upon the sky
Moon is dancing with the dusk
Night has come again

Forbidden lore from my wishful dreams
Showed me how I shall create new rules
Forbidden books, knowledge so unreal
Every word shortens path, reveals the truth

Angel falls
And the sun goes down
Bring the light
Brighten up my mind
So now I understand
Mystic forces prevail
Oh, when the sun goes goes down

Surrounded by fire’s light
He will take out of my mind
Past and future fears
Too little time, so much to learn
Command time to stop ans wait!

From this chalice I will drink
Potion made of human fears
It’s flavored with his own tears
Our future is in my hands