Edge Of Forever – Feeding The Fire

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I’m thinking tonight as I’m watching a star streak across the sky
Someday that could be us blowing up, burning out, with Vegas trailing behind
Look at what we’ve become a race of pirhanas with a taste/lust for speed
We’re the human race that’s right turning into selfish racing machines

We don’t care what for
All we know
Is we want more

Our insane desire
As we pull the wire
It’s enough to feed the fire
Tell me why we’re so eager to fan the flames

I am shaking my head should I laugh or cry when I see how it is
It’s like we’re sayin if the ends gonna come go ahead and get it over with
What we are doing to ourselves and the earth how we broken all the bonds of trust
She is helping us out and she’ll celebrate the day she’s getting rid of us