Erin Stoll – Country Girls (Do It Better)

Country & Folk

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Country Girls (Do It Better) Released 3.1.24
Written by: Erin Stoll & @StylesHaury
Produced by: @KennyRoyster
Nashville, TN – Direct Image Studios
Video by: @scotsax

Erin Stoll, an award-winning country singer from Ohio, seamlessly blends modern country with a soulful twist. Since childhood, she’s pursued her dream of Nashville stardom, known for her vibrant, crowd-pleasing performances. In 2016, she recorded her debut EP ‘Unfinished’ in Nashville, produced by Randy Barr, which includes the Best Country Song of 2016 in Ohio, ‘Unfinished’. Currently, she’s collaborating with renowned producer Kenny Royster for a new EP, expected in winter 2024, continuing her journey in the country music scene.