Follow The Cipher – Rewind The Stars

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Follow The Cipher represents a dirty, dry, rusty and lonesome environment in a devastated future, collapsed by a careless consequence of our past. This is presented through our graphical theme, stage show, our music and the lyrics within it.

FTC in this video:
Linda Toni Grahn – Vocals
Ken Kängström – Guitars & Vocals
Viktor Carlsson – Guitars & Vocals
Daniel Hansfeldt – Drums

Follow the Cipher is a heavy metal band from Falun, Sweden, that was formed in 2014 by Sabaton contributor Ken Kängström, who is also the group’s lead guitarist. The other members include bassist Jonas Asplind, drummer Karl Löfgren, guitarist and backing vocalist Viktor Carlsson. The band released their self-titled debut album on Nuclear Blast Records in May 2018.

Studio Albums
Follow the Cipher (2018, Nuclear Blast)

The Pioneer (2019, Nuclear Blast)
Rewind The Stars (2021, Nuclear Blast)