Frozen Crown – I Am The Tyrant

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Born from the depths in the highlands
Between the daughters of wind
And the sons of the sea
Raised by the wolves and their hunger
I knew the world’s bloody end
Before the struggle began

Hail to the beast, to the pain that it brings
To the ashes it leaves after coming unseen

Over the hills we were carried by the wind
For the glory we will rise up once again

I am the tyrant, crowned and fallen
Before the age of men
(Beneath the dark)
I am the hunter, bound and rotten
Beyond the gates of hell

Far from my land
Wild gales whisper my name
Buried under the sands
Lay the wasted remains
Of the kingdom we claimed

I’ll release the fire moving towards the rifts
As the wicked desire unleashes
Thorns, entwined on my grave
Sealed up forever my throne, death after death