Grace Potter – Ready set go

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I don’t need no destination
I got everywhere to go
I’m a walking invitation
I’m the daughter of the Mother Road
What I need is a distraction
When my world is closing in
“Hey stranger, where you headed?
Would you like to let the games begin?”

And he said
“Jump on in ’cause I don’t wanna be late for Thunder Road”
And I said
“Ready (Ready), ready (Ready), set, go”, oh yeah

A-buckle up, baby, here we go

Well, I met a maxed-out mama
She had five babies on thе loose
Well, I helpеd her scoop ’em up
She let me ride in her caboose
She took me to her congregation
“Buy a ticket, save your soul”
They say in the end all is forgiven, but I say
You haven’t met my ghosts

I got some heavy baggage
As she helped me with my load, singing
“Ready (Ready), ready (Ready), set, go”, woohoo

Thank mama
Here I go
Watch out, watch out, yeah

I’ve learned to trust my intuition
Even when it makes me scared
Even when I’m hearing voices
And seeing things that are not there
I saw a little girl standing by the side of the road
With a blue dress on and a voodoo doll
I pulled over, I said “I’ll give you a ride”
And she vanished right before my eyes
I hope that spooky little girl gets to where she’s goin’
I’ll give her one for the money, two for the show
Three to get ready (Ready), set (Set), go, yeah, set, go, yeah, uh
Headin’ on down that road

Get ready, baby
Now, yeah, yeah, yeah (Ready, set, go)
Are you ready? Are you really ready?
Are you sure you’re ready?
I know you say you are but
Ready, ready, ready, ready (Ready, set, go)
Get gone with your good self
And get gone with your good self
Buckle up, buckle up ’cause it’s gonna be a bumpy ride
(Ready, set, go)

As I wind down my proclamation
I can promise you, my friend
There’s magic hiding everywhere if you just let it in (Ready, set, go)
There’s a moral to my madness in this story here, I guess
It’s that there’s nothing wrong with saying “no” but
Try a little bit of “yes”