Inner City – Good Life

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Let me take you to a place I know you want to go
It’s a good life
I wanna stand around and beg you
Just don’t say no
No, no
No, no

I have got a feeling that you’re gonna like it
What I’m doing to you
And I’m doing what I’m doing
I’ll be doing what you want to me to do

Love is shining
Life is thriving in the good life
Good life

A feeling that you get from the good life
Once you get that good life feeling
Let me tell you no one can take it away
No, no
No, no

No more bad times
Only glad times in the good life
Good life

When the grooves are rocking nothing feels as good as a good life
I want you to want me
To want the good life all night

No more rainy days
The sun will chase the clouds away
In the good life
Good life

No more sorrow
Nothing borrowed in the good life
Good life