Janis Joplin – Raise Your Hand

Ξένη μουσική

With Tom Jones

If there’s anything that you need
Hon, that you’ve never, ever, ever had
I know you’ve never had it
Oh, honey, don’t you just sit there crying
Don’t just sit there feeling bad
No, no, no

You’d better get up
Now do you understand
And raise you hand!
I said raise your hand, hey

You know I’m standing about, yes I am
Want to give you all my love
Oh, honey, won’t you come on and open up
I said, open up your heart
Please, let me try

If there’s anything you need
Honey, that you ever, ever, ever try
I want you to give it up
I said to give it all, don’t you know that you have

Whoa, hon
Whoa, yeah
Whoa, hon
Whoa, yeah
I said every day when I go out
I said I want to move
Every day when I go out
I tell you I want to groove

I said move, yeah
Said move now
Move, yeah
Honey, I want you to come along
And raise your hand
Babe, I want you to come along
Raise your hand
If you know where you belong
I’ll tell you
And now
Said here and now
Said here now, now, now, now, now, now, now!

Raise your hand, yeah
Hey, hey, hey, get it up now!
Raise your hand!