Jessta James – Some names

Country & Folk

I’ve walked a million miles, Lord
Whole life I’ve been an outlaw
And I’ve seen the wrong side of them bars
I’ve broke a heart or two, yeah
Some girls I hardly knew, yeah
But I’ve paid all my dues with these scars

I been deep down in the valley
Felt the hounds of hell surround me
Had to fight the devil to get out
I’ve been through every kind of bad storm
Wrote my fair share of sad songs
And I’m still proud to stand out in the crowd

Some men are born to run
Some men are born to fly, yеah
All men someday are gonе, baby
Some names will never die

Been the kind to take my chances
Broke through so many fences
But I never picked a fight I couldn’t win
I’ve lost it all on a bad hand
Had my bell rung by a bad man
But I get back up and go again

Don’t always show my good side
But I damn sure have a good time
When it’s all said and done, I’m going home
Ooooooh Lord knows, I ain’t no angel
More than once, been known to raise hell
But they gon’ remember me when I’m gone

Some men are born to run
Some men are born to fly, yeah
All men someday are gone, baby
Some names will never die

All men, someday are gone, gone baby
But some names, will never die