Milk’n Blues – Vicious smile

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All dressed in red, she gets home late at night
Now that it’s done, she lies in bed with that smile
Men whispering ‘that vicious smile’
Men whispering that for a while

Coffee to go; hurry up, aint got no time
Do as I say, you don’t wanna get fired
Why; why do you have that vicious smile?
What can make it all worthwhile?

Come with me, you’ll be all mine
Feel the thrill
No need to hide
What’s in your mind you can’t deny

Plenty realize her killing is just a pleasure for the night
No one can imagine when seeing her in daylight

And now she was a criminal, most wanted in town
Who could it be, one of the crowd?

Rumor has it they found the case
Left him there for fate to face
Took him on…