Mipso – Hurt So Good

Ξένη μουσική

Hey there, Molly, hold your lamp up high
Meet me in the woods round midnight
For a to-and-fro, but we didn’t know
That it would hurt so good

Lay down easy in a bed of moss
I can still hear the crickets we were brushing off
Now it’s gone but it isn’t lost
Because it hurt so good

Hurt so good, soft shoe dancing in the cottonwood
We thought we shouldn’t but we knew we should
Yeah, because it hurt so good

A jealous heart and a roving eye
Things start to lean when they get too high
A hometown Shakespeare Hollywood
You know it hurt so good

There wasn’t much thrown but stones and sticks
Nothing that a handful of years won’t fix
A dozen kisses and a dozen licks

You know it hurt so good

Hurt so good, sneaking cross town to your neighborhood
Pick out a partner and twirl ‘em like you should
Because it hurts so good

Hey there, Molly, walk softly now
Look back and laugh what we figured out

We kicked the tires and we peeked under the hood

You know it hurt so good

It was a pinewood derby of a slow reveal
A slip-n-slide ride on a minefield
But once you get close, well, you gotta seal the deal
Because it hurts so good