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Nini grew up in Taiwan and has played and studied Chinese Traditional Folk instruments for over 20 years. She has toured Europe, the USA, Canada, China, Japan, and all of her home island playing in orchestral as well as rock settings. Nini is now on a journey to create her own unique sounds with the use of her traditional instruments and share them with the world. Nini’s music blends the sound of her instruments the San Xian, Ruan, and Liuqin with the contemporary sounds of rock, metal, and EDM.

Nini was able to shred her way to victory in the 2021 Gamer’s Got Talent competition live on She played a mash up of three songs on three different instruments in less than three minutes to win over the judges and blow away the competition.

So far in 2022 Nini was partnered on Twitch, released her new album “Legends”, and has a Japan + Full USA tours planned for the fall. She is also collaborating with USA based blackworm instruments to make the first of its kind electric lute hybrid dubbed the Daoyu! Be on the lookout for Nini coming to a city near you!