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(formerly Sershen&Zaritskaya)

Music: Daria Zaritskaya and Sergey Sershen
Lyrics: Daria Zaitskaya

You’re just as broken as I am
But you’re a way better liar
You taught me how to play this game
You told me you’d take me higher
And now there’s fire in the skies
And I am loosing my sleep
I scream but no one hears me cry

I can’t take anymore
Just can’t take anymore
I can’t take anymore
I can’t take anymore !!

You stabbed me in the back
And now you know you’ve made a huge mistake
Something that you can’t erase
And now we’re turning to ashes…
We can’t go back
You took away something I can’t replace
Blood on your hands you’re such a big disgrace!
And now we’re turning to ashes…

You’re just as lonely as I am
We are so sick and tired
Admit we both have lost the game
Oh can’t you see, we are drowning?
And now there’s thunder in the sky
That’s keeping me up at night
I bleed but now my eyes are dry
Cuz I can’t anymore
I can’t take anymore
No I can’t take anymore
I can’t take anymore!!!!


Tired of seeing each other’s faces
Now we’re building higher fences
We build them higher and higher….
But I will rise from the ashes
I’m gonna rise from the ashes
I will rise from the ashes!

Vocals: Daria Zaritskaya
Guitars: Sergey Sershen
Bass: Alex Shturmak
Drums: Dmitry Kim

Directed by Mitya Shmurak @mitya_shmurak
DOP – Tim Avramchuk @tim_avramchuk
Producer – Hryhorii Shevchenko @hryhorii_shevchenko
Style – Eugen Kirienko @eugenkirienko
Make-up – Svitlana Rymakova @rymakova
1AC – Max Shcherbonos @max_shcherbonos
2AC – Denis Shapoval @denisshapoval
Focus puller – Artem Turchenko @turchenko_art
Gaffer – Sergiy Khizgnyak @khizhniak498
Electric – Tsarov Anton @tsariov8
Best boy – Andrey Khizhnyak @zzzandrezzj
Colorist – Ann Pysarenko @lunar_edge
Choregrapher: Daria Oliynyk @dariaoleyniik
Backstage camera: Andrii Kaluhin @moophic