Therion – The Siren of the Woods

Ξένη μουσική

Enuma ilu awiluma
Ardu Shamash apkallu baru
Nergal ina ramanisu
Annu ki-utu-kam ilu

Parak simati
Muballit mitte
Nergal allatu
Mellamu mesaru
La tapallah Annuaki
Kettu Puluthu qillatu

Erset la tari eimmu
Ina ramanisu melammu
Baru dinau
Allatu Nergal

Sar kissati

Nergal allatua
Allatu Adapa
Ina ramaniusue
Translation from Akkadian language:

When God’s human being
Shamash’s slave, wise men, saw
Nergal in himself
This Earth-stomped land became God’s

At a decent throne
Of life and death
Nergal comes glowing
Not stopping at Senior Gods
As he was fear’s bride

In the land with no return
In it’s glory
The look upon judgement
Gave birth to Nergal

The king of underground

Nergal was born
Adapa suffered
Of what was in himself