Todd Cameron – Ruin My Truck

Country & Folk

Todd Cameron – Ruin My Truck – (Extended Version)
Written by Todd Cameron, Cody Cooper, Clayton Shay

I couldn’t wait to bring it home yeah I was proud of it
60 hours every week threw it down on it 89 step side two tone blue
Yeah the only thing that was missing was you

Couldn’t wait to pick you up and take you out in it
Thought we’d put a couple hundred thousand miles in it
They built it right, it runs fine
But when I put it in drive I find that

Every mile
Every road
Every song on the radio
There’s a memory of you that ain’t drowning out
I keep spinning my tires trying to figure out
How’d I let a little thing like you hang around and mess me up
As if wrecking my heart for you just wasn’t enough
Yeah you had to go and Ruin my truck

I could find a way to deal with your leaving
If I didn’t see an empty passenger seat and
That window pain with a lipstick stain
That I can’t wipe away

I could trade it in if I wanted to
But that won’t stop me from seeing you
Copyright (C) 2021 Todd Cameron.