Tony Joe White – Can’t Go Back Home

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Feat. Shelby Lynne

Pack my suitcase, pair of boots
Slip out the backdoor, nothing to lose
Full moon rising out on the road
Ain’t carrying nothing but this heavy load

Turning loose of the ties that bind
Feeling turmoil in my mind
But I can’t look back, these times are gone
I know, I can’t go back home

My granddaddy he mends his fence
He stands tall but he’s kind of bent
His hands are worn, but they are strong
Takes care of his place, he lives alone

I’m sure he wonders what’s happened to me
He’s keeping it real, I’m living a dream
He checks the cows, Lord, he’s up at dawn
But I know I can’t go back home

There was a storm the other night
Had to talk to God, try to set things right
Church door was locked, Lord, I stood in the rain
Waiting for an answer but it never came

I believe in living, give it all I got
I’m strong enough except when I’m not
Little piece of daylight, time to move on
It’s just a reminder, I can’t go back home

Just a reminder
I can’t go back home

Just a reminder
I can’t go back home
I can’t go back home
No going home
Can’t go back home