Work Of Art – Another Night

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Another night, another hour
Just like so many times before
I can’t get enough, I still feel the hunger
Can’t keep my thoughts from you

I don’t wanna fight, not any longer
The games you put me through
‘Cause it feels so right, the spell I’m under
Now I just can’t let go

Moving one step closer to the edge
In a world that makes us crazy it’s easy to forget
Love’s the only way

Another night
When you’re not here beside me
Another night
Driving me insane
Another night
When you’re not here to guide me
Another night
So hear when I call out your name
Just another night

Just a little touch, but it feels like thunder
Each time you hold me close
I just gotta know, if this is really something
I can not take this anymore

‘Cause our hearts keeps dancing on a ledge
But when it’s finally over true love will always prevail
So hear me when I say