Y’akoto – Perfect Timing

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I’m probably making this up in my head
You and me and another perfect chance
Another chance for us to make it right
Without the fuss and without the fight
But, she probably is your wife
And you’re the father of her child
Excuse me for my fantasy
But now I’m drunk enough to admit
That I… that I miss you
I know you think it’s boring
‘Cause it’s nothing new
That I still need you

I missed the train
I missed the bus
I missed the plane
The perfect timing
Now I’ve stopped trying to
Beat the rush to be ahead of my game
For the perfect timing

I’ll just stay here, oh…
Let go of my fear
Of not being in control

I’m writing these songs ’cause of you
I never meant to be so cynical
But now everything is ironic to me
I can’t believe in my fantasies
But I, I miss you
I know that you don’t care
’cause it’s nothing new
That I still need you

Oh yeah, yeah yeah!