Hammerfall – Second to One

Ξένη μουσική

Feat. Noora Louhimo (Battle Beast)

You can never escape from your heart
That inner guide, the voice in the dark
Stop and listen, just once in a while
To what it has to say
I remember the day when we met
Your love was true, my life was a mess
I knew fate was a one way street
But we were meant to be

You’re my honest cause
Never-ending strive to become better than I am
You’re the sweetest sound
The note that explains the symphony

I know I can’t hide anymore
My head is up, my feet on the floor
And you know I can not lie anymore
When I look into your eyes
Fear of failure will all bring us down
To darkened places where dreams go to die
I pretend to be strong, but I’m weak
You make my life complete

Everything must change
Yet remain the same, but nothing stays forever
I will take your pain
You are my everlasting flame

My second to one

Oh I can not lie
No, I can not hide when I look into your eyes
Everything I say
Everything I do I do for you
I will resurrect
I have found myself, a knight in shining armour
When you call my name
I will be your needle for the pain

My second to one