Fortunate Ones – The Bliss

Ξένη μουσική

Can’t find a foe or friend to do this darkness in
Shadows creep and bend, I cannot pretend
That I don’t miss my home or that I’m not alone
Now I must atone for all the time I’ve wasted
But this is what I chose
Long nights and endless road
All this letting go,
Who was I to know
I miss my family
If they could only see
All that I’ve become
Alone and on the run
If this is all there is, maybe that’s okay
Believing in the bliss, wishing my time away
A tender-hearted sadness pulls me through the day
But that’s alright
My heart is okay
I am fading under dying light
Reaching through the dark for words to say it right
I am restless, I am losing sleep
Kept up by promises I knew I’d never keep

My heart, it’s okay
My heart’s okay
My heart’s okay
My heart’s okay
Okay, my heart’s okay
My heart
Where’s inspiration
Where is urgency
They are like passing ships
They keep eluding me
I’ve got a good heart and I’ve got able hands
Give me back my eyes
Lead me to the land