Milk’n Blues – When The Lights Go Down

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Originally by Triumph

Houselights ready to cue
Backstage smoke is risin’
Steamin’ like a witch’s brew
I want to play some rock ‘n roll
I want to sing the blues
Yes I know
I feel it comin’
Let the party roll

When the lights go down
We’re ready to play the blues
When the lights go down
It’s time to light, time to light, time to light the fuse

Oh no, they’re screamin’ like the 4th of July
Hollywood comes to your hometown
Hammers cocked and ready to fire
I’ve got itchy fingers
For the trigger tonight
And I’m tired of waitin’, so tired
Let the party roll
No, we’re not a Hard Rock band, but since we had the chance to record (even if remotely) with such huge music legends, we just couldn’t miss it, right?!
You may think you don’t know who the Bissonette brothers (Matt and Gregg) are, but you surely have listened to their playing at some point.
Drummer Gregg Bissonette has worked with Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Santana, Duran Duran, Ozzy Osbourne, Ray Charles, The Doobie Brothers and Ringo Starr!
Bassist Matt Bissonette has worked with Joe Satriani, Ringo Starr e Elton John!
We were lucky enough to have a common friend (who will remain anonymous as requested but to whom we are forever grateful) who set this up and we really liked the idea of working with this version that is realy not in our comfort zone. We hope you guys enjoy our take on this Triumph’s classic!

Gregg Bissonete – Drums
Matt Bissonette – Bass

Milk’n Blues:
Aline Mota – Vocals
Zia Leme – Vocals
Indiara Sfair – Harmonica and Vocals
Tiago Juk – Guitar and Vocals
Eduardo Machado – Acoustic Guitar and Vocals
Piatan Sfair – Druams and Vocals

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Paulo Bueno at Click Audioworks (Curitiba, Brazil)

Filmed, edited and color finished by Tiago Juk.